Company introduction

Migu cultural technology Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated as "migu") was established by China mobile for the mobile Internet area.An integrated professional subsidiary responsible for the provision, operation and service of products in the digital content field,Is China mobile's music, video, reading, games, animation digital business plate of the sole operating entity,Under the migoo music, migoo video, migoo media, migoo interactive entertainment, migoo animation five subsidiaries. At present,Migu has become a leading brand immersion platform for the whole scene in China,More than 20 million + songs, 4.6 million videos, 1200 + audio and video live, 500,000 + books and periodicals, 30,000 + games, 470,000 animation.

Looking to the future, migu will vigorously explore the Internet + digital content and operational innovation,We will combine content incubation with channel cooperation to focus on cross-domain IP operations,We will actively build four platforms for new media convergence, digital content convergence, copyright trading, and content entrepreneurship and innovation.Committed to the user to bring entertainment lifestyle changes.

The company structure

Business innovation

Migu coffee is a partnership between migu and coffine gurunaru, a famous Korean coffee brand,Based on the brand coffee shop, the o2o experience platform integrates coffee culture, comfortable environment and business interaction,Designed to provide users with the offline experience and promotion of migu's various Internet businesses,It is a bold innovation in the digital business transformation.

Development course

  • 2014
    Migu culture technology Co., Ltd.
    was established in Beijing.
  • 2015
    Migu music Co., Ltd. was
    established in Chengdu.
  • 2015
    Migu video technology Co. Ltd.
    was established in Shanghai.
  • 2015
    Migu digital media
    Co. Ltd. was established in Hangzhou.
  • 2015
    Migu interactive entertainment
    Co., Ltd. was established in Nanjing.
  • 2015
    Mimu animation Co., Ltd.
    was established in Xiamen listing.

development strategy

Migu company adheres to the concept of creating value for customers, partners, shareholders and employees.In the next three to five years, we will continue to implement the full product, full channel, full terminal and full user strategy.To build an industrial ecological circle covering the whole country and radiating overseas,Deep cultivation to form content creation, aggregation, distribution, physical goods, online and offline services and other complete industrial chain.

External cooperation

Migu has over 6,000 industrial partners,Including Amazon, Disney, time Warner, universal music, Sony music, ea, gameloft, ravIo, huayi brothers, Hong Kong TVB, south Korea SBS television, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, touch technology,The United States world, small rice mutual entertainment, tengxin and so on; Its signed writers up to 131, authorized animation image nearly 4000.


  • 07.01
    Migu culture and Qiushi magazine jointly hold the exhibition of "the Chinese soul of ink and wash comics"
  • 06.30
    The first Chinese Internet literature league was launched.Under the guidance of the China audiovisual and digital publishing association, the China writers association and the Zhejiang network writers association, Sponsored by the digital reading working committee of the China audiovisual and digital publishing association and migu cultural technology Co., Ltd.Operated by migu digital media limited, ,And the joint reading group, Chinese online, Baidu literature, Zhejiang publishing group, huace film and television, such as 20 industrial partners Co-organized.Ten famous writers, such as Mai Jia, tangjiashao, chendong, ye feiye and Xin Yiwu, are the instructors of this literature league.
  • 06.18
    Migoi and migoi reached strategic cooperation with the chess and card center of the state sports general administration,The two sides will form a strategic partnership on the development of the chess and card industry, brand event building, digital content mining of chess and card, extension of the entertainment industry and popularization of the chess culture.At the signing ceremony, the two sides announced the full launch of the 2015 national cyber intellectual games.Co-host and co-own the event brand.
  • 06.16
    Migu culture signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CCTV and SBS,Jointly explore the launch of south Korean excellent programs on mobile video in China.

Contact us

Migu culture technology co. LTD
address:No. 11, huayuan street, xicheng district, Beijing
the phone:010-52696699